The Kleptocrats Next Door. The United States has a dirty-money problem.

Delaware, Nevada, South Dakota, and Wyoming—nice, normal American states, full of nice, normal Americans—have created financial instruments that nameless investors can use to hide their money from the world

Why doesn’t the U.S., instead of abetting the elaborate arrangements, exert its leverage to help change the rules and eradicate the system? Part of the answer is obvious. Powerful people benefit from it, and they are intent on keeping it in place.

Anonymous purchases of Trump properties skyrocketed once he became the Republican nominee for president. As Michel writes, “We have no idea who the vast majority of these purchasers were, or where they came from, or where they got their money, or what they wanted—or how they impacted American policy.”

US Far Right Adore​s Vladimir Putin’s Christian Nationalism More Than Freedom and Democracy

“Putin’s government has been a key ally of American Christian​ right groups who happily partner with the world’s most repressive regimes in order to promote “traditional” views of family, sexuality, and gender, as well as to try to prevent and reverse international recognition of reproductive rights or the equality of LGBTQ people.”

Study: of 1.2 million fully vaccinated people with no risk factors, *ZERO* had a severe COVID infection (Dec 2020-Oct 2021)

The study published on the website:

Risk Factors for Severe COVID-19 Outcomes Among Persons Aged ≥18 Years Who Completed a Primary COVID-19 Vaccination Series — 465 Health Care Facilities, United States, December 2020–October 2021

says the following:

Among 1,228,664 persons who completed primary vaccination during December 2020–October 2021, severe COVID-19–associated outcomes (0.015%) or death (0.0033%) were rare. Risk factors for severe outcomes included age ≥65 years, immunosuppressed, and six other underlying conditions. All persons with severe outcomes had at least one risk factor; 78% of persons who died had at least four.

MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep 2022;71:19–25. DOI:

So, if I’m reading this correctly, there were ZERO severe COVID-19 associated outcomes for fully vaccinated people with no risk factors (mostly before delta, mostly before boosters). Zero! Isn’t this a huge deal? Shouldn’t this be headlining newspapers? I don’t understand why it’s not in the news. And now with Omicron (milder infection) and boosters (better protection), current protection should be even better.

In this study, a severe COVID-19 outcomes is defined as:

– Diagnosis of acute respiratory failure
– Need for non-invasive ventilation (a tight fitting oxygen mask)
– ICU admission
– Death

Interestingly, tracheal intubation isn’t listed here, but I guess that’s associated with the ICU.